Charlotte's Garden

Rest, Relax, and Reflect...

If you are ever in the neighborhood feel free take a moment and visit our beautiful garden. Now in its 26th year of existence, the garden - maintained without the use of any synthetic pesticides or herbicides - is teeming with pollinators and frequented by other wildlife.

Christened "The Days of Thyme and Roses," and meticulously maintained by one of our most dedicated board members, Charlotte, our garden provides a sanctuary for Denville's townsfolk to rest, relax, and reflect.

The following appeared in the Daily Record Article about Charlotte's Garden:

" Step into Charlotte's Garden on the grass lawn next to the Denville Museum. The smell of earth, sweet flowers and oregano fills the air; water trickles from a fountain near the entrance, and cicadas buzz in the background.

Walk along the red brick path, through the archway with sweet peas growing on the lattice, around the red rosebushes - they should be beautiful in the fall - and sit down.

There are several benches, including one with a dedication and a reminder. 'Don't Rush, Don't Hurry and Don't Forget to Smell the Roses,' it says."